Harvard Club of Finland

Connecting Harvard University alumni in Finland since 1996

The Harvard Club of Finland was established in June 1996 to better connect the Harvard University alumni who reside in Finland. The club believes that the opportunity to offer and receive a higher education at world-class institutions such as Harvard University is an important asset for the future of our country.

The club belongs to the network of over 180 Harvard Clubs in 70 countries throughout the world. As a result of our activities, we have received the Harvard Alumni Association Award for our outstanding programming in February 2007.

Harvard Club of Finland represents all schools and programs of Harvard University. Currently, there are around 180 Harvard alumni in Finland. We invite you to connect with the Harvard community whether you are a graduate, a postgraduate fellow or a participant in any of the other programs offered at Harvard.

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If you have graduated from Harvard University but have not yet joined HCF, please get in touch via clicking the button below! For membership rules, see Statutes.